Usage of Herbal Water Products

Enumerate types and their benefits and multiple uses and the purpose of their use separately as follows

Fertilization Water

Fertilization Seeds
Fertilization Water

Palm has been and remains blessed tree that occupies prominent position and tender flowing pilot without depletion or stopped, and is rich in Palm great potential can be tapped in terms learned from all parts and even offal from which the bark of the vaccine (Alcrawf) which makes them water vaccine.

It features a water vaccine scent of aromatic jet and is distilled from the bark of palm leaf (Alltal), a cover which protects the vaccine palm-mentioned features this bark, turquoise, dark green from the outside and the texture of coarse, while the inside tends to yolk very soft to the touch.

The distillation water vaccine based industries palm products industry without entering any other material in this popular industry uses water vaccine usually added to the tea drinking water or used to make different kinds of drinks especially in the summer, and our use of the vaccine on drinks only but add it flavor Some of the dishes, but at rates calculated so does not affect the taste of eating and Oaguetsr used on some popular dishes.

The benefits of the vaccine water: –

– Strengthens the body at different ages because they contain amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and important elements.

– Prevent liver fat deposition and removal of cholesterol in the blood and get rid of excess body fat because they contain (allicin-Anossitol- niacin folic -hamad)

– The treatment of aging, anemia, increase body built diseases.

– Helps to regulate appetite and metabolism processes.

– Honey is added to the water vaccine for the treatment of hepatitis viruses

– According to diabetes, pressure and prevent internal bleeding

– Uses water with honey successful vaccine as a treatment for patients with increased acidity and cases of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum also benefit irritable bowel disease and the pollen is the treatment of chronic constipation.