Definition of herbal water products

 We are listed for you some of its types, benefits, and various usage, and purposes separately as the following


Origanum Marjoram: is kind of herbal plants related to Marjoram group, known that its aromatic plant derived from mint group.

However, its origin in Turkey and Cyprus, and some kinds are existing also in basin of Mediterranean sea such as (Lebanon), additionally, Iran, North of America, Arabian Peninsula, and India as well. This kind of plant grows along solar curves in Promoter, fields, and stone lands where dry atmosphere is available. Meanwhile, its extremely planting in southern areas existing in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Vegetarian description: Origanum Marjoram is prolonged herbal plant with height approximately 30-60 CM, its stalk is solid and ribbed, covered by tiny filaments colored with black in the upper part, and then mixed with redness, the leave appeared as a tongue, and its flowers formed as spindle groups with light red color and aromatic smell as well, the flowers have a white color and tend to the pink.


This plant is widely used in food industry as a spice with meats and vegetables, know that it’s totally disallowed during pregnancy, because it’s a uterine stimulant.

Medical benefits:

Used part of plant along with its pneumatic sections is contained a volatile oil which consist of some effective ingredients such as Alsabinin, hydrate Alsabinin, Rq Carol and linalool, also contains caffeine and acid Flavonyat Alrosmarinek triple turbines acid, however, Marjoram used widely, as John Gerrard declared that Marjoram can be sued as a treatment for head and brain diseases caused by cold and is antispasmodic, and it is a good stimulant, as it can be used also for the nervous system, known that it should not be used during pregnancy. John Gerrard pointed out that studies conducted about toxicity of this herb revealed that its extract is totally secured and safe even if contains 5 g per kilogram of human’s body weight. However, its continuous usage for two consecutive months did not revealed any side effects upon liver and kidney functions and blood picture, the matter makes its usage absolutely safe when used continuously. Recently, it have been shown that its contain material (EBCP) E-beta-caryophyllene, thusm it can be sued as anti-inflammatory even with small doses.

Benefits of Marjoram:

Marjoram can be used as a treatment in the following cases:

For the treatment of glaucoma, eliminates flatulence, stimulates the flow of bile, as a general tonic, anti-inflammatory chest cough and tonsils, infections and asthma, diuretic for menstruation, good for stomach aches, laxative and peptic, used externally to treat colds to massage the nose balm herb juice, boiling is useful for treating allergic nose infections, widely used in food industry as a spice with meats and vegetables, uterine stimulant.

It has effective impact in regulating hormones, and aldosterone, wal-brostaglandin, a neighbor of renal gland hormones, and also regulates the hormone prolactin.

The grass is used in treatment of irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and also in the treatment of preeclampsia.

Its usage mentioned in Prophetic Medicine as a treatment of blood pressure, dysmenorrhea of ladies, it also removes excess water from the body.

It can be sued also to restores hormonal balance, and if taken by healthy individuals, it does not affect their hormonal equanimity, but its lead by effective role in accelerating the metabolism, known its usage in the evening lead to relaxation.

Marjoram is used as a tea in the United States, and sold freely in drug stores, due to its effective role in regulating hormones.

Marjoram used as an antimicrobial, mixed with processed meats as a natural preservative.

Recently it was revealed that retention of aqueous extract volatile oils it lowers blood sugar by up to 15%.

Marjoram has effective impact to expand the bronchial tubes and remove the migraine.

Its extracted oil can be used in treatment of arthritis, and rheumatic pain, and it has a great impact as a sedative and carminative as well.

Marjoram can be used as influential painkiller and antidepressant.

Recent studies revealed extract of the said herb stimulus the immune similar to the well-known effect of black seed.

Marjoram can be used as anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive of heat with effect more than standard medications used to treat these diseases.

Experiments revealed that this extract has ability to achieve the natural balance in percentages of reproductive hormones in which abnormal whether by increasing or reducing may cause infertility whether for men or women.

However, the studies were conducted to reveal the therapeutic effect of extract derived from “Marjoram” showed that it has a protective effect prevents destruction of liver cells as well as influence against oxidation.

Marjoram contains effective substances such as Thymol, Alkavakrol and Alorsmarnik acid which have antifungal effect of some types of viruses and microbes.



Food information about Marjoram:

Each 100 g of Marjoram, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) contains the following nutrition information:

  • Calories: 271
  • FAT: 7.04
  • Saturated fat: 0.52
  • Carbohydrates: 60.56
  • Fiber: 40.3
  • Proteins: 12.66
  • Cholesterol: 0