Kuwait Perfumes Factory


Kuwait Perfumes Factory is located in Sabhan Industrial area, Kuwait, far away the capital approximately 14 Kilometers, however, the factory was established 1982 AD, in a vertical large space estimated about four thousand square meters, therefore, the factory was provided by the latest machines to manufacture perfumes during this time, and a productive capacity that allows to fulfill requirements of the global markets, meanwhile, the factory initiated its first patch of production during the last half of 1985, as we have started from the place where others finished, however, in 1994 production lines were replaced by new highly technical ones reached to 12 production line to be compatible with market’s demands and other future lines with a long term.


It worth mentioned that Kuwait perfumes factory have put into consideration that this kind of industry is extremely different in its usage if compared with any other industries, because its normally associated with delicate taste and sense, besides human imagination as well, by moving the person from a certain physical status to another different temperamental on daily basis, which tend to represent during a certain period of the day some features including power of character, and physical impact upon the interactive persons respectfully, however, it may takes a person during another period to world of love, emotions, attractive romantic, and dreamy imagination which elevate human’s spirit reaching a peak of physical victory, thus, Kuwait Perfumes Factory was keen to produce various products that enable to meet international tastes during different times and usages as well, consequently, the work was performed according to the following production lines:

Kuwait Perfumes Factory

For women perfumes such as (Samara, Khaleijia, and Turquoise)

For men perfumes and after shaving such as (Faris 5 , Antar, One man spirit).

Eastern perfumes such as (Neran, Dandanh, Farida, and Oudh), in addition, western spray perfumes free of Alcohol such as (Oudh, Rose, and Sandal).

Children perfumes (Juhayna, Eau de Cologne for children Sari/ Sarah).

Eau de Cologne for the adults (Areej, Royal Jasmine , Lavender , Lemon , 7711 , 1114 ).

Kuwait Perfumes Factory
Kuwait Perfume Factory

Al Meshael mixtures (aromatic) which can be produced in more than 17 type of mixtures including natural aromatic oils and other kinds free of alcohol.

 Rose water and natural orange blossom water (for food) (Al Rabee, Al Sharq, Al Ganeain, every spring).

Kuwait Perfume Factory

However, Kuwait Perfumes Factory applies international, Arabic, and Gulf standard specifications while producing its products.

The first factory in the world that producing heavy perfumes such as (Oudh, Rose, …….,etc.) by using spray system without adding alcohol (free of alcohol).

Production line of scented wipes, and medical alcohol wipe.

Production line of herbal water including (Marjoram water, Zamota water, Leban water, …………..etc.)

Production line of drinking water with natural herbs (drops of mineral water with natural vaccine water- water drops with natural Marjoram water- water drops with natural gum water).

Kuwait Perfumes Factory

Known that the factory possess unlimited productive techniques which allow manufacturing products for account of other people according to the required standard specifications, provided that the trade mark shall be owned by whom we are producing for, however, any cooperation with different perfumes factories all over the world is highly welcomed.